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Greg Mankiw’s Blog

Greg Mankiw’s Blog Greg Mankiw is a Harvard professor of economics. He has also authored a text that several economics departments use (I used his book when I took Econ 101) and from 2003-2005 he was chairman of President Bush’s council of economic advisors. Basically he is a very respected economist and overall smart guy….

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TheKirkReport.com The Kirk Report is one of the deans of investment blogs. Kirk was there pretty much from the beginning and he continues to provide excellent information in his posts. He posts on everything from trading/investing strategies to trader psychology. He also has regular LinkFests where he discusses market related news. There are a lot…

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Paul Kedrosky.com Paul Kedrosky.com has been on my multiple times a day blog visiting list for a few years now. Paul comes from a Venture Capital background. Among other things he was an internet analyst in the early days of this great thing we call the internet. Basically he knows his %#$!. But seriously the…



Hello, We try and keep the business of blogging out of our regular posts but from time to time we have to do a few things for the building up of BlogRaters. This is a list of different directories and other sites that require a backlink in order to be listed. If you are building…

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WorldBeta.com WorldBeta.com is run by an experienced finance professional Mebane Faber. He does a lot of research for timing systems and endowment type portfolios. He wrote an excellent paper on a five asset class timing model called A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation It is essentially a long term trend following system that is…