Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Mish is awesome. His economic blog is one of the best free or paid economic resources on the internet. He has been online for about 2 years now and is going strong as ever. He posts 5-7+ times a week and almost all of his posts are more like articles. He goes in depth on his topics and knows them quite well. He stays on topic and only talks about the global economy. Here is a recent article talking about Real World versus the Financial World. Here are a few debunking articles where he points out flaws in the way that some of the government agencies account for economic numbers Birth Death Model Fatally Flawed and Scroll down to the M3 model. Both of these are very well written and make sense.

Whether you agree with Mish or not his economic thoughts are very worth reading. He is thought provoking and informing. If you enjoy reading about the economy or would like to learn more, I encourage everyone to go and read Mish’s blog. He is one of the best and he is free.

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