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Market Heist


MarketHeist is a new site just launched earlier this year that organizes financial products to help visitors find the tools they need. It is a one stop shop for investing and trading products, services, educations and media. They provide ratings, reviews, educational media, and designed to give visitors the ability to easily compare a ton of credible products in one place. By following their guides and browsing through their product listings, it should help your learning curve by pointing you to the right tools, books, mentors, etc. right away.

They take high class investing products from talented investors and investment companies in the industry and make sure they’re right for individual investors and traders. You can get to know the products through demos and interviews with the companies. Before you open your wallet to sign up for a service or tool, MarketHeist helps you learn to use the product using their tutorials and blogs to see if its right for you.

If you’re just starting to manage your own money, this is a great place to start learning about the stock market as well as find the correct tools to help you accomplish your financial goals.  For experienced traders, the warehouse of products on MarketHeist helps narrow your search for charting softwareindicators, and trading methods so you can move onto the next level.

Stock Bee


We first came across Stock Bee back in January of 2007 when we were forwarded this great post on “Beating the market on $1.25 per week”.  Ever since we have been avid readers as the Bee has helped us to separate the wheat from the chaff as the saying goes.

The Bee is loaded with useful info.  One article that we really like is “Can you learn from trading books?” Since we are avid readers of all things financial we have been asked several times from friends questions like “what book should I get to learn to trade?”  or “does that book show you how to make money trading?”  Honestly if these are the questions you have then you must read this post.

Overall we would have to say that if you are a relatively active trader then you should add Stock Bee to your RSS and even consider joining the members only blog.

Happy Trading,

Blog Raters




Chris Perruna is one of the better known stock trading bloggers out there.  He is a part-time trader who primarily uses the CANSLIM method of trading and has gotten quite a bit of good press for his accurate calls.  One of his most popular and definitely a very useful post is on position sizing and expectancy.  Here he provides a post explaining position sizing along with some excellent and very useful spreadsheets that help you figure out risk management for your trading system.

Aside from picking individual stocks, Chris is also very adept at calling the market.  Here is a chart with his recent calls along with a history of his recent posts calling out tops and bottoms.  As you can tell he is an experienced market technician and has done a good job at helping his readers navigate the crazy markets that we have experienced the past couple of years.

In addition to his blog and his regular posts he also is active on twitter.  If you are interested in the stock market, are already an active trader, and especially if you are an active CANSLIM trader you will find worthwhile content on his site.  A definite must add to your RSS reader.

Happy Trading,