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Stock Bee

We first came across Stock Bee back in January of 2007 when we were forwarded this great post on “Beating the market on $1.25 per week”.  Ever since we have been avid readers as the Bee has helped us to separate the wheat from the chaff as the saying goes. The Bee is loaded with…

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DailySpeculations.com DailySpeculations.com is Victor Niederhoffers blog. It started because he has long had an e-mail list named “the spec list.” He is the man who runs it but everyone from the spec list contributes to it. So what do they talk about? You might think that because it is called Daily Speculations and the owner…

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TheMacroTrader.com TheMacroTrader.com is the blog to the newsletter of the same name. Macro trading as explained in this post is basically looking at any asset class, in any country, using a variety of strategies looking for the best risk to reward opportunities in the globe. They are trying to fill the void in good global…

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Greg Mankiw’s Blog

Greg Mankiw’s Blog Greg Mankiw is a Harvard professor of economics. He has also authored a text that several economics departments use (I used his book when I took Econ 101) and from 2003-2005 he was chairman of President Bush’s council of economic advisors. Basically he is a very respected economist and overall smart guy….