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Ever since the bull market in commodities started towards the end of 2001 there has been a huge influx of good and bad commodity related sites and blogs.  Some do  great job of teaching proper research and trading skills while others absolutely suck.  We figured we would go through and point out a few of the good ones.  Here is a very NON exhaustive list but it is a start.  Over time we will be adding to, and modifying this list.  In addition we will be doing some reviews of some of the better commodity blogs over the next few weeks.



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commodity trading basics

gold investing is Victor Niederhoffers blog. It started because he has long had an e-mail list named “the spec list.” He is the man who runs it but everyone from the spec list contributes to it. So what do they talk about? You might think that because it is called Daily Speculations and the owner of the site runs a hedge fund that it only deals with stocks and other tradeable securities but you would be wrong. DailySpeculations deals in stocks, bonds, futures, options, statistics, software, philosophy, literature, history, people. world events, etc. Basically Victor has a bunch of really intelligent people contribute whatever they feel like. The result for the most part a very insightful blog where you can learn something or at least get a different perspective on something almost every day.

So who is Victor Niederhoffer? If you have been trading for a long time you have heard of him. He was one of the most successful hedge fund managers for about 15 years ending in 1998 when he had a series of unfortunate events and a case of overleverage leading to his fund “blowing up” and the saying goes. He then came back and had a wonderful three year run but once again getting hit very hard back in August. A lot of people do not like listening to him because they don’t want to hear anything from someone who has blown up twice but there are a few reasons to read his writings. First if you have read his two books “Education Of A Speculator” and “Practical Speculation” you have learned a lot. You have learned to question and test everything if nothing else (and I would venture to say you have learned a lot more). Second is that you can look at the other fruits of his labor, namely that his shop has helped produce such trader legends as Monroe Trout, Toby Crabel, Roy Niederhoffer, and several other successful traders. So why has he blown up twice you might ask. I am not totally sure but I think it is probably the psychological aspect of trading that has gotten him and not his processes for finding trades. Basically a little overconfidence now and then when you are leveraged can wipe you out in a short time. Enough about Vic and back to the blog.

Here are some fairly recent insightful posts.
Vic on Practice
Levered ETF’s
Capitalism In Schools

These are illustrative of the types of writings you will find over at It is a treasure trove of insights into all sorts of things. Go and read it and then go and read more of it. There is a lot of content and lot of good content.

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Blog Raters is the blog to the newsletter of the same name. Macro trading as explained in this post is basically looking at any asset class, in any country, using a variety of strategies looking for the best risk to reward opportunities in the globe. They are trying to fill the void in good global research. We all hear about George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Bruce Kovner, and several other legendary Macro Managers but we never get to see research reports that explain what global markets to invest in or why precious metals should go up or why emerging market bonds are a good buy. TheMacroTrader.comis aiming to narrow that gap with their newsletter and blog.

One of the more recent posts Global Watch List gives charts of the countries currently passing their proprietary liquidity/trend screens. They have also shown us some of the criteria they look for when investing in foreign markets here with this post on the Singapore EWS etf.

We have found that with a few exceptions the majority of investment or stock blogs out there cater almost exclusively to the US stock market and while there is nothing wrong with that there are several other opportunities out there to exploit and profit from. focuses on every market that they can. So far their posts have covered global stock indexes, junk bond/high yield bond trading models, and systematic vs discretionary trading.

Basically if you want a glimpse into what global macro is all about and more specifically you want to see some examples of the type of trading a global manager does you would be well advised to stop by often and add it to your feed reader.

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Blog Raters

With a PageRank 7 all of you bloggers out there can tell that InstaPundit is a big blog. Glenn Reynolds started this blog the way a lot of people do, just to express his views. It appears as though the views of the UT (University if Tennessee) law professor are very popular. He is very big into technology and individual liberties.

His views definitely lean conservative but he is very active in commenting on politics, religion, war, etc. Many of his posts highlight the good things happening in Iraq helping to balance out the mainstream liberal medias views and opinions. In fact today he has a post showing a Muslim in Iraq restoring the cross to a Christian church that has been there for several years. The Iraqis are quoted as appreciating the help that America has given them. Regardless of your views on the war it is nice to know that some good has come of this whole thing.

Anyways for up to the minute commentary on world events, law, and politics you would be well advised to visit Glenn and his blog.

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Blog Raters


RGE Roubini
RGE Setser

Are you one of those type of people that not only want to sound informed and sound smart but actually be better informed and understand what you are talking about? Well if you do and you like talking investments than this is one of the better blogs to read. These guys run a subscription based service that is known on the street as a great piece of research. They pump out timely economic advice and discuss different perceptions on a wide array of topics. Well lucky for all of us they also have two great blogs. Nouriel Roubini and Brad Setser are both excellent analysts and economists. Lately they have covered a lot of topics regarding energy, oil, and all things Asia.

Want to know all about Level 3 mark to model? Do you even know what that is? Well if the answers to those questions go Yes, but No, then you will want to read this Level 3 If you have read about it anywhere else then they probably got there info from these guys.

They aren’t perfect but if you want to be far better informed then anyone you know. Or just like knowledge for knowledge sake you can’t miss making RGE Monitor a regular stop in your RSS reader.

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Blog Raters

You may have missed the memo on what a meme is but this site does a great job showing what is popular and how to gauge it. It also is an interesting window into internet search and what is relevant. Here is a perfect post that shows how they look at traffic and search to see where there is growth and what is there Facebook, is it sustainable? Read it and it will start to make sense.

Another good post to illustrate the concept is this one regarding recessions. He shows how search and interest in a topic can be an indicator of the likely hood of that event happening or being successful.

If you study the writings on you will come away smarter about uses for the internet. If you are like a lot of visitors to this site you probably have a blog and if you want to quantify any of what you do then studying Meme’s can help you target current relevant material for your readers.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters
As the name implies Former is written by a former “Spook” or spy. If you like an insiders look at all things intelligence than this is a site for you. While never revealing anything classified he does give us informative briefs regarding the GWOT (Global War On Terror) and other political themes. And while this reviewer is partial I don’t think that the writer of tries to take sides, instead he focuses on the facts on hand.

If you follow the situation in North Korea you might like to read this article on the Pyongyang shutdown. If you have been following the recent controversy regarding potentially changing the process and requirements to gain a security clearance you might like to read this article on it. He discusses the pros, cons, and everything else on this and many other topics.

If you are a political buff you will like this site even if just to give you a different and informed perspective. Go to and learn how someone who knows whats up look at things.

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The Legal

The Legal

The Legal was started in February of this year by four law students whose common connection apart from Law is that they have all lived in Tennessee at some point in time. They write their posts from a few different perspectives. First off they don’t take themselves too seriously. Yes, that means sometimes they make lawyer jokes like this Legal Humor. Since they are all in law school right now they also post tips for students like this Finals Prep. But the bulk of the site is comments on different law related news topics. Such as this recent one on Michael Vick the quarterback.

For the most part their posts are clearly written and do a good job of explaining themselves. Once again Law School tends to make people a better writer. They have also managed to keep the site free of clutter and it is easy to navigate. Overall if you want to keep abreast of legal happenings then it is worth your time to be an active reader or RSS subscriber to this site.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis

Mish is awesome. His economic blog is one of the best free or paid economic resources on the internet. He has been online for about 2 years now and is going strong as ever. He posts 5-7+ times a week and almost all of his posts are more like articles. He goes in depth on his topics and knows them quite well. He stays on topic and only talks about the global economy. Here is a recent article talking about Real World versus the Financial World. Here are a few debunking articles where he points out flaws in the way that some of the government agencies account for economic numbers Birth Death Model Fatally Flawed and Scroll down to the M3 model. Both of these are very well written and make sense.

Whether you agree with Mish or not his economic thoughts are very worth reading. He is thought provoking and informing. If you enjoy reading about the economy or would like to learn more, I encourage everyone to go and read Mish’s blog. He is one of the best and he is free.

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Blog Raters is a funny and often/always irreverent blog. Its main purpose is to write about things that bug the author “Cameron.” For instance he hates door to door salesman I Don’t Want Your Pizza Or his loving adoration for Rosie O’Donnell, Another good one is his response to animal rights activists like PETA. Whether you agree with the posts or not you will probably laugh quite a bit. Is the author disturbed a bit? Maybe but its still funny stuff.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters

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