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Heritage Insurance

Beginning in 1974, Heritage Insurance Service, Inc. has striven to bring the best insurance prices in the industry to the public. Since then, Heritage Insurance has become one of the largest independent insurance brokers in the nation, selling personal lines in over 25 states, and commercial and truck insurance in all of the lower 48 states.

Heritage Insurance takes pride in customer satisfaction and originally joined the Better Business Bureau July 1st, 1979. They have remained in good standing and have a current rating of A+ by The Better Business Bureau.
They provide many different types of insurance to cover all your insurance needs. Unlike many of our competitors, we have the ability to search through many different companies to find you the lowest price. We currently represent 115 companies and are continually obtaining new insurance markets to ensure our rates are the most competitive.

Being one of the largest insurance brokers in the nation, they have specialists that deal with just about any line of insurance. They are consistently among the cheapest in the industry in Homeowners, Umbrella Policies, Motorcycle Insurance, RV and ATV insurance, Life and Health Insurance, Commercial policies, and especially in Auto and Truck insurance
We invite you to compare us to other insurance companies and see for yourself the difference in price, quality, and service. We feel confident that you’ll find that we’re the best in the business. You may contact us by phone or go to our website Heritage Insurance to learn more and receive a free quote. is David Merkel’s investment blog. If you read or you probably recognize his name. He has been a contributor since 2003. He primarily writes about stock and bond portfolio management. He started the blog so that he could do have more one on one interaction with readers and do less structured writing. So while he mainly cover equity and bond portfolios he can now talk about anything he wishes.

If you click on his investment books from which I have benefited page you will notice right off the bat that he is primarily a value investor. The Intelligent Investor, The Aggressive Conservative Investor, Value Investing, and Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits are books that are and should be on every serious investors bookshelf.

Looking at his categories the top four things that he writes about are Stocks, Macro Economics, Portfolio Management, and Bonds. His writing style is easy going and not very confrontational. He lays out valid points for almost everything he writes and figures that if you like it you will keep reading and if you don’t you will move on. In this reviewers opinion his blog is a nice break from all of the (absolutely no shame at all) self promoters out there.

If you want common sense investment advice and wisdom then you should make the a regular stop and add it to your RSS reader. David Merkel is a investor that happens to be a good writer and is worth listening to.

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Blog Raters is the blog to the newsletter of the same name. Macro trading as explained in this post is basically looking at any asset class, in any country, using a variety of strategies looking for the best risk to reward opportunities in the globe. They are trying to fill the void in good global research. We all hear about George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Bruce Kovner, and several other legendary Macro Managers but we never get to see research reports that explain what global markets to invest in or why precious metals should go up or why emerging market bonds are a good buy. TheMacroTrader.comis aiming to narrow that gap with their newsletter and blog.

One of the more recent posts Global Watch List gives charts of the countries currently passing their proprietary liquidity/trend screens. They have also shown us some of the criteria they look for when investing in foreign markets here with this post on the Singapore EWS etf.

We have found that with a few exceptions the majority of investment or stock blogs out there cater almost exclusively to the US stock market and while there is nothing wrong with that there are several other opportunities out there to exploit and profit from. focuses on every market that they can. So far their posts have covered global stock indexes, junk bond/high yield bond trading models, and systematic vs discretionary trading.

Basically if you want a glimpse into what global macro is all about and more specifically you want to see some examples of the type of trading a global manager does you would be well advised to stop by often and add it to your feed reader.

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Blog Raters

If you trade stocks you probably look at the VIX. Some people use it more than others and some have even built trading systems that focus almost entirely on the VIX. Now you can even trade the VIX in the futures and options markets. So where other than the CBOE can we get good info about the VIX’s uses? One of the better sites that we have seen that deals with the VIX is They look at the VIX from several diifferent angles such as for an indicator of sentiment to a trading vehicle.

The writer at VIXandMore also writes about some different model portfolios and trades that he does. Obviously the VIX and market sentiment are an integral component to his trading. Looking at a lot of his charts he also uses Bollinger Bands a lot. So you can tell that he is a fan of volatility as a tool to trade.

If all this kinda sounds like praise it is because it is. We have followed VIXandMore for a while now and appreciate his sound advice and insights into how this space of the market works. If you trade add this site to your RSS reader.

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Blog Raters

The Kirk Report is one of the deans of investment blogs. Kirk was there pretty much from the beginning and he continues to provide excellent information in his posts. He posts on everything from trading/investing strategies to trader psychology. He also has regular LinkFests where he discusses market related news. There are a lot of sites out there that do this but he is definitely one of the best.

One of the nice things about Kirk is that his posts are very useful and sometimes even actionable. What do I mean buy “actionable?” Basically that you not only learn something but if you trade you could implement what you learned today. On many blogs they provide a lot of info on different topics but when you can actually do something with the info the true value really comes through.

If you invest/trade, would like to, or just like learningThe Kirk should be on your regularly read list and if you use RSS you should be subscribed. It is definitely worth yout time.

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Frugal Law as the name implies is about a guy (his name is Brett Mckay) who is going to law school and trying in his own words to “mitigate my crippling law school debt.” That is a valiant if not an almost impossible goal.

While there are many blogs talking about how to save a buck here and there most of them don’t articulate themselves well. Brett is not only a personal finance writer but he is a law student. If any of you know anything about law school it is that they read and write and then write some more. I think that writing legal briefs all day long has helped Brett become a good writer. Read some of these posts Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro, 180 Money Saving Tips, and Improve Your Law School Exam Grades and pay attention to the detail of the posts.

This site is useful to anyone trying to save money and is very useful to anyone going to law school. Brett sounds like a smart and resourceful guy. It will pay to read his blog.

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Blog Raters