Category Archives: Make Money is the blog to the newsletter of the same name. Macro trading as explained in this post is basically looking at any asset class, in any country, using a variety of strategies looking for the best risk to reward opportunities in the globe. They are trying to fill the void in good global research. We all hear about George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Bruce Kovner, and several other legendary Macro Managers but we never get to see research reports that explain what global markets to invest in or why precious metals should go up or why emerging market bonds are a good buy. TheMacroTrader.comis aiming to narrow that gap with their newsletter and blog.

One of the more recent posts Global Watch List gives charts of the countries currently passing their proprietary liquidity/trend screens. They have also shown us some of the criteria they look for when investing in foreign markets here with this post on the Singapore EWS etf.

We have found that with a few exceptions the majority of investment or stock blogs out there cater almost exclusively to the US stock market and while there is nothing wrong with that there are several other opportunities out there to exploit and profit from. focuses on every market that they can. So far their posts have covered global stock indexes, junk bond/high yield bond trading models, and systematic vs discretionary trading.

Basically if you want a glimpse into what global macro is all about and more specifically you want to see some examples of the type of trading a global manager does you would be well advised to stop by often and add it to your feed reader.

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We came across this blog on and liked it right off the bat. The author while not like an old school scalper that stands at the corner of all your favorite events selling tickets does sell and broker tickets to several different events.

First off before you go thinking “well I don’t like scalpers” let us ask you something. Do you buy clothing at the store? Do you buy groceries? Do you buy anything? If the answer is yes then ticket brokering shouldn’t bother you at all. They are just working within the confines of the law of supply and demand. If people want it bad enough and can’t get it somewhere else cheaper than they can buy it from me. That is what selling anything be it a car, jeans, watermelon, a DVD, etc. So if you are a capitalist ticket brokering is all right. Besides if you don’t like the prices the broker is offering the tickets at then find them cheaper. Oh you are saying that you can’t find them cheaper? Well at least someone has them for you.

Back to the blog. We here at Blograters loved the concept immediately because in our younger years a few of us made more than a couple of bucks at it. In high school and college a group of us went to anything and everything that came our way and we did it all for free (actually usually we went at a profit) and that “free” price usually included out ticket, our dates ticket, dinner, t-shirts or CD’s from the concert, and we usually still had a couple of bucks left over. A few times we had a lot of bucks left over.

At they have several articles explaining everything from how to sell tickets to how to get discounts, advance purchases, and other perks that ticket insiders know. We being veterans of the whole ticket broker world have still managed to learn a lot. For instance did you know that many times you can buy tickets before they go on sale to the regular public? Well you don’t “need” a black American Express card (Although it can help) you just need to know where to look. How about if you just want group discounts on tickets. Yes, they exist and that link can show you how.

Basically this site shows you the ins and out of tickets. If you like concerts, sporting events, etc. and you don’t like spending a fortune this is a great site for you to check out and learn some of the tricks.

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Bloggingzoom is a new service brought to us by Courtney and Vic. What is it? It is a place where bloggers of all types and sizes can come and share their content. At first glance many people will probably associate the site with Digg or a few other social voting sites. Two of the many things that sets apart from the crowd are that it is exclusively for bloggers and they help your posts get ranked higher in Google and other search engines.

If you want a good example of what good search traffic can do you only have to look at how Vic’s site has gotten over 1,000,000 hits in only three months. These guys have way way more than a clue as to how to drive targeted traffic to sites. And they are applying that knowledge to your posts that you submit to Obviously the more people that Zoom your articles the better but even if you don’t get a ton of votes you still get better search engine rankings.

A few people have asked why don’t I just use Digg? First of all you should still use it. Almost any promoting that you can do for your site and its posts is going to be helpful to your efforts. But a few things that in our opinion make better are that you are only competing against other blogs. Another thing is that at you are not punished for submitting your own material. So now instead of getting a friend to Digg your article you can Zoom or submit your own material and then let the voting happen.

These are but a few of the advantages that offers the blogging community. If you want to improve your traffic, your search rankings, and overall popularity of your blog then it is worth your time to go and register at

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Frugal Law as the name implies is about a guy (his name is Brett Mckay) who is going to law school and trying in his own words to “mitigate my crippling law school debt.” That is a valiant if not an almost impossible goal.

While there are many blogs talking about how to save a buck here and there most of them don’t articulate themselves well. Brett is not only a personal finance writer but he is a law student. If any of you know anything about law school it is that they read and write and then write some more. I think that writing legal briefs all day long has helped Brett become a good writer. Read some of these posts Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro, 180 Money Saving Tips, and Improve Your Law School Exam Grades and pay attention to the detail of the posts.

This site is useful to anyone trying to save money and is very useful to anyone going to law school. Brett sounds like a smart and resourceful guy. It will pay to read his blog.

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This opportunity comes special from
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What Do You Have To Lose?

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Bloggerwave is a new and exciting opportunity for bloggers. Basically they pay you to write reviews and ads on your site. I will be doing sponsored reviews from time to time and while this is one I think the aspiring blogger should go, sign up, and do a review. For now this is easy money but at some point it will get harder and harder so catch the wave early.

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