The Kirk Report is one of the deans of investment blogs. Kirk was there pretty much from the beginning and he continues to provide excellent information in his posts. He posts on everything from trading/investing strategies to trader psychology. He also has regular LinkFests where he discusses market related news. There are a lot of sites out there that do this but he is definitely one of the best.

One of the nice things about Kirk is that his posts are very useful and sometimes even actionable. What do I mean buy “actionable?” Basically that you not only learn something but if you trade you could implement what you learned today. On many blogs they provide a lot of info on different topics but when you can actually do something with the info the true value really comes through.

If you invest/trade, would like to, or just like learningThe Kirk should be on your regularly read list and if you use RSS you should be subscribed. It is definitely worth yout time.

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