As new as blogging is the folks down at Bespoke are pretty good at it. They launched their blog at the start of May and are already getting rave reviews from several other investment blogs and news sources such as WSJ and CNBC. How did they accomplish all of this in such a short time? By doing two things. One is that they provide good quality content. The other is that they left another quality blog at TickerSense to start their own. In addition to the blog they have premium services but the free posts are very much worth your time if you are interested in investments.

This review might sound like an advertisement but this is actually a non-solicited review. That of course means that we at Blog Raters actually like and read this blog regularly. As bloggers we like how fast they were able to grow their blog and accumulate 3,267 backlinks already (according to Yahoo). They are also some of the first people to leave one successful blog and launch their own while seemingly retaining the majority of their readers. As investors we like the insight that they provide into the markets. They do a lot of quantitative analysis as well as some common sense/chart analysis.

Altogether this is an interesting site for both the blogger looking to see how to grow their business and for the investor trying to get an edge or hopefully a bigger edge.

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