is a wonderful blog that discusses long tails. What are long tails? The concept is described very well here. Basically it is that with the costs of a storefront coming down thanks to the internet it is easier and easier to target small niches that otherwise don’t get much attention. When that happens we end up with not only more choices but the amount of small niches may be as big or even bigger than the main old school categories.

If you have ever seen a normal distribution or “bell curve” there is the middle which encompasses about 80% of the data and then the two tails on both sides that have less and less. Well the long tail is all about discussing how in our free electronic markets the tails are growing larger and larger. Obviously not a normal bell curve.

Anyways the blog discusses the long tail and its effects in several areas of the market as well as other aspects of life.

The blogs writer is Chris Anderson editor in chief of Wired Magazine. If you are reading this you have no doubt heard of Wired. It is a magazine focused on technology. He started the blog as a companion to his book “The Long Tail” and it has taken on a life of its own.

If you want to learn how the marketplace of the future is being shaped and how to find where you are in it you should add this blog to your RSS reader and read it often. Chris is an engaging writer and does a good job explaining his views.

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