Abnormal Returns is one of my daily investment related blogs. Everyday they post a list of links with some added commentary. Some might just call this a linkfest but most of the time they add useful info to each link and they use a wide variety of information.

They describe their title with this-
The component of the return that is not due to systematic influences (market-wide influences). In other words, the abnormal returns is the difference between the actual return and that is expected to result from market movements (normal return). Related: excess returns.

It is an apt description for what the blog covers. One of the best parts about them is that they really do search far and wide to look for new info. Many investment blogs that post other links tend to do it from the same 10-20 sources. Every week at AbnormalReturns they have at least a few new sources that I had not even heard of and thats saying a lot. At last count my RSS reader has 87 different investment feeds and I still find new valuable sources through AbnormalReturns. Definitely a valuable resource for anyone in the investment arena.

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