Achieving your goals easier than you think is the tag line to this site and I think he is doing a good job of showing the reader how to become better. A lot of the articles are sales and marketing related and he does a good job with them. He also talks a lot about becoming an entrepreneur and different aspects of going that route. For instance in this article Suggestions for Finding Venture Capital goes over different aspects of raising money for your own business ventures.

Another topic he covers regularly is self improvement. Here is a good post that discusses gratitudeI Am Grateful For One nice thing about his self improvement posts is that he covers them without getting too preachy or just plain lame. Most sites that cover a lot of self improvement seem to take on a holier than thou attitude that turns me away. WritetoRight.com does not seem to suffer from those symptoms.

If you may have noticed I like this site and feels that it can add true value to yourself and your business.

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