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Stock Pick Bob’s Advice

Stock Pick Bob in one of the godfathers of the investing blog world.  He started posting back in May of 2003.  Here is the first post that we could find on his site, here talking about St Jude Medical.   His newest post (as of May 2nd 2009) is here and is on Building a Portfolio: “Intelligent Design” or “Natural Selection”.

As long time readers and any successful trader will tell you it is a prerequisite of success that you evolve.  In the case of this blog we have been able to watch Bob evolve as an investor and trader for several years now.   While we didn’t find his blog until 2006, he has been around for a while and does an excellent job in teaching and helping the readers see what and why he is looking at different stocks.  While he continually lets readers know that none of this is construed to be investment advice, it is obvious that he is a seasoned investor and is worth reading for his insights alone.

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Read the Prospectus

Read the Prospectus is a great site for traders interested in technical analysis.  It is an even better site for traders who use Think Or Swim as their trading platform.  Read the Prospectus is a master thinkscipt programmer and regularly gives away excellent thinkscripts.  If you use Think Or Swim then you MUST read this blog.

Even if you dont use Think or Swim, this blog is still very much worth reading if you use or are learning to use technical analysis in your trading.  You see the writer of this blog doesn’t just write indicators and trading systems but also explains why he decided to write it.  If he needs an indicator that no one else has then he builds it.  Who wouldn’t love to know the exact originations of stochastics and whey the investor needed it (attributed but not really invented by George Lane, and not really stochastics either)?  Or sit along side Appel as he figured out MACD and how to use it.

This blog gives you this opportunity as Read the Prospectus lets you come along for the ride as the writer discusses the why and the how of each of his indicators.  In addition he still has them for free.  This is a wonderful resource for all technical analysts, and a must have resource for fellow Think or Swimmers.

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Team Blograter is Victor Niederhoffers blog. It started because he has long had an e-mail list named “the spec list.” He is the man who runs it but everyone from the spec list contributes to it. So what do they talk about? You might think that because it is called Daily Speculations and the owner of the site runs a hedge fund that it only deals with stocks and other tradeable securities but you would be wrong. DailySpeculations deals in stocks, bonds, futures, options, statistics, software, philosophy, literature, history, people. world events, etc. Basically Victor has a bunch of really intelligent people contribute whatever they feel like. The result for the most part a very insightful blog where you can learn something or at least get a different perspective on something almost every day.

So who is Victor Niederhoffer? If you have been trading for a long time you have heard of him. He was one of the most successful hedge fund managers for about 15 years ending in 1998 when he had a series of unfortunate events and a case of overleverage leading to his fund “blowing up” and the saying goes. He then came back and had a wonderful three year run but once again getting hit very hard back in August. A lot of people do not like listening to him because they don’t want to hear anything from someone who has blown up twice but there are a few reasons to read his writings. First if you have read his two books “Education Of A Speculator” and “Practical Speculation” you have learned a lot. You have learned to question and test everything if nothing else (and I would venture to say you have learned a lot more). Second is that you can look at the other fruits of his labor, namely that his shop has helped produce such trader legends as Monroe Trout, Toby Crabel, Roy Niederhoffer, and several other successful traders. So why has he blown up twice you might ask. I am not totally sure but I think it is probably the psychological aspect of trading that has gotten him and not his processes for finding trades. Basically a little overconfidence now and then when you are leveraged can wipe you out in a short time. Enough about Vic and back to the blog.

Here are some fairly recent insightful posts.
Vic on Practice
Levered ETF’s
Capitalism In Schools

These are illustrative of the types of writings you will find over at It is a treasure trove of insights into all sorts of things. Go and read it and then go and read more of it. There is a lot of content and lot of good content.

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Blog Raters is a wonderful blog that discusses long tails. What are long tails? The concept is described very well here. Basically it is that with the costs of a storefront coming down thanks to the internet it is easier and easier to target small niches that otherwise don’t get much attention. When that happens we end up with not only more choices but the amount of small niches may be as big or even bigger than the main old school categories.

If you have ever seen a normal distribution or “bell curve” there is the middle which encompasses about 80% of the data and then the two tails on both sides that have less and less. Well the long tail is all about discussing how in our free electronic markets the tails are growing larger and larger. Obviously not a normal bell curve.

Anyways the blog discusses the long tail and its effects in several areas of the market as well as other aspects of life.

The blogs writer is Chris Anderson editor in chief of Wired Magazine. If you are reading this you have no doubt heard of Wired. It is a magazine focused on technology. He started the blog as a companion to his book “The Long Tail” and it has taken on a life of its own.

If you want to learn how the marketplace of the future is being shaped and how to find where you are in it you should add this blog to your RSS reader and read it often. Chris is an engaging writer and does a good job explaining his views.

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Frugal Law as the name implies is about a guy (his name is Brett Mckay) who is going to law school and trying in his own words to “mitigate my crippling law school debt.” That is a valiant if not an almost impossible goal.

While there are many blogs talking about how to save a buck here and there most of them don’t articulate themselves well. Brett is not only a personal finance writer but he is a law student. If any of you know anything about law school it is that they read and write and then write some more. I think that writing legal briefs all day long has helped Brett become a good writer. Read some of these posts Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro, 180 Money Saving Tips, and Improve Your Law School Exam Grades and pay attention to the detail of the posts.

This site is useful to anyone trying to save money and is very useful to anyone going to law school. Brett sounds like a smart and resourceful guy. It will pay to read his blog.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters