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BloggingZoom.com Bloggingzoom is a new service brought to us by Courtney and Vic. What is it? It is a place where bloggers of all types and sizes can come and share their content. At first glance many people will probably associate the site with Digg or a few other social voting sites. Two of the…

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Greg Mankiw’s Blog

Greg Mankiw’s Blog Greg Mankiw is a Harvard professor of economics. He has also authored a text that several economics departments use (I used his book when I took Econ 101) and from 2003-2005 he was chairman of President Bush’s council of economic advisors. Basically he is a very respected economist and overall smart guy….

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TheKirkReport.com The Kirk Report is one of the deans of investment blogs. Kirk was there pretty much from the beginning and he continues to provide excellent information in his posts. He posts on everything from trading/investing strategies to trader psychology. He also has regular LinkFests where he discusses market related news. There are a lot…



TagsKitchen.com Tags Kitchen as the name implies is a blog devoted to cooking. TagsKitchen.com has been posting a ton of recipes lately in addition to its staple How To posts. Probably my favorite two posts are the Cooking Molten Chocolate Souffle and Baking Banana Bread. If you have never had a good chocolate souffle then…

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Bloggerwave is a new and exciting opportunity for bloggers. Basically they pay you to write reviews and ads on your site. I will be doing sponsored reviews from time to time and while this is one I think the aspiring blogger should go, sign up, and do a review. For now this is easy money…