Here at Blograters we don’t usually do reviews like this but after reading about this project on we thought that it was worth going over.

First off as the site explains it is about Lasik in Colorado. If you go to Courtney’s site you can read about his case study. He is taking this site from nothing to the stated goal of page one and probably spot one in Google searches for Colorado Lasik and a few other variations of the keywords. Why is he doing this with a subject that he knows nothing about? To make money and try something out. He goes into a lot more detail on his site but basically if you target good niche keywords you can be on the first page relatively fast. If you put relevant and original content it is even useful. Combine those with an e-book, adsense, etc. that is relevant and you can have a fairly low maintenance money making site.

Courtney is currently doing a whole series on Keyword Sniping and if you are a blogger you should go read it. In fact as we have mentioned before on this site if you blog you should read Courtney site every time he posts.

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