Cooking for engineers is one of the more popular cooking sites out there. The writer Michael Chu apparently is an engineer and by the look and organization of the site he is. He started the blog a few years ago in an effort to have his own online recipe storage database. Obviously it turned into more then that. It is now a full blown cooking website with recipes, cooking tips, reviews on cooking utensils, appliances, etc. Overall it is a very comprehensive blog.

Overall blog design is excellent. He either built it himself or had someone build it because it is one of the nicer put together and functional blogs I have seen. Clicking on any of the header titles makes a very nice and organized drop down menu that I have not seen before on a blog. Another design element that he does better then most is that he takes good pictures. If you have posted pictures yourself you understand that a good picture actually takes some work to put up. Michael takes the time to make it look good.

Cooking for Engineers content is not only organized but well presented. Together with the site functionality it really makes this site shine. For instance click on Recipes and then find Pan Seared Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce or just click HERE. To tell the truth almost every one of the recipes is that well done this one just caught my eye. The recipe and pictures goes step by step so that anyone but the worst cook could make this. As someone who cooks I can also say that his presentation of the finished dishes is excellent. Almost every final picture is Cooking Channel worthy.

So overall what do I think of this site? If you have read to here you can tell that I like it. It is one of the top five cooking blogs that I look at out of probably 50. So if you cook take a trip to Cooking for Engineers and see what you can learn or find a new recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

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