We try and keep the business of blogging out of our regular posts but from time to time we have to do a few things for the building up of BlogRaters. This is a list of different directories and other sites that require a backlink in order to be listed. If you are building up your blog and would like to get some decent backlinks to help you Google PageRank then you might want to submit to some of these.

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It is no surprise that I am reviewing LinkRambler because the whole point of the blog is to keep us up to date on linkbaiting. While rather new it seems like Ray Johnson (the owner/writer of the blog) is doing a fine job at providing a lot of posts that can help other blogs and sites get backlinks like this one Reach Digg Front Page. In addition there are several posts that highlight different contests like Win Some Cash that other blogs are running.

So what makes this site special? Hopefully alot. You see if you want to build up your site and get more traffic and more backlinks this looks like a site you will want to visit everyday or at least add it to your RSS feader so that you can keep up to date. Most every blogger is looking for ways to get noticed by other bloggers, surfers, search engines, etc. Basically we all want more traffic coming our way. Well if you fall into any of those categories make this an addition to your daily site visits.

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P.S. As blog manners go if you like his site and find it worthwhile (and you will) link back to him. There are a lot of good useful blogs that people read but kinda keep a secret for some unknown reason. Share the love.

Wages Of Win Journal

Wages of Win Journal

Wages of win is a blog that talks about the economics of sports. It is sort of like Moneyball meets Freakonomics. In fact they say in their book that their approach is similar to Freakonomics. Basically taking economic tools and applying them to unusual economic questions.

This post Thoughts on the NBA is a perfect example of what Wages Of Win covers. If after reading that post you think it is more related to a bookie then to a economist then you are right on. Most successful economists could be successful bookies. Why? you might ask. Well it is because of the way they approach their field. They look at what actually drives a team to win or the stock market to go up. A lot of the things we think are important are virtually useless while a lot of the seemingly useless info is very useful. Wages of Wins tackles these questions looking for what really works in sports.

Not only do they cover how to find the best ranking for a player, team, etc. But they also provide other types of analysis such as NCAA Final Four Thoughts Where they discuss inequalities in the NCAA (yeah I know there are a lot). Some might say why does this matter? But it is a question an economist would ask and then tackle.

If you want to learn a lot more about sports. Or just want to know facts that none of your friends do then Wages of Win is for you. I go to it pretty much everyday and it has taught me a lot about the numbers behind the sports.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters

If you end up liking this book (and I don’t see how you couldn’t) then you will also like Moneyball by Michael Lewis and if you really want to learn to test data then Evidenced Based Technical Analysis by David Aronson.

Blog Raters Wants to Review and Rate Your Blog

Blog Raters is a blog designed to review and rate your blog. If you are looking for more exposure as well as some linking shoot us an e-mail at

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If you are a blogger in trying to make money you have no doubt run across His site is geared towards helping you (and him) make money online. John already runs some successful internet businesses such as and has gotten into blogging the past 6-8 months.

As you browse the site you will notice a few things both good and bad.
Pros-He has a lot of good content and wants to help out his fellow bloggers. As an example here is a free backlink opportunity with a site that gets a lot of traffic and all you have to do is review his blog.
-He is heavy into anything that you can put on your site to make money online. He talks a lot about each one and why he chooses to use or not use a certain provider.

Some Cons-
-He promotes himself a lot.
-The blog has more and more guest bloggers.
-Several posts are just paid reviews for other blogs.

That being said the pros outweigh the cons by quite a bit. Although he might be overusing the guestblogging most of the articles are still very relevant and useful. And even a lot of the paid reviews are useful and highlight a good blog (obviously some don’t). So overall if you are a blogger looking for info to help you build a better and more profitable blog then should be a regular visit for you.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters

We came across Pianologist about a week ago but were not able to give it a fair review for a while due to our lack of piano playing skills and knowledge. A few of us have played the violin for years so we have a clue about music but other then playing the melody with the right hand we are not exactly piano playing experts . Well after a short brain storm and a phone call I was able to get a very accomplished pianist to go over the site and give me her feedback.

Her feedback was very positive. KCLau and CEFam have a very useful blog. They have links for the beginner Easy Steps to Play a Chord all the way to several links on writing your own music Full Arrangement in 60-Minutes

This site has something for everyone interested in playing the piano. They cover playing the piano, making your own music, piano news, and lots more. Their posts are informative and their links are useful as well. If you play the piano and haven’t looked at this blog you owe it to yourself to pay it a visit.

Happy Blogging and Piano Playing,
Blog Raters

If you want to know something about a Motorola cell phone then this is the site for you. Looking over the categories on this site it is safe to say they cover almost every single Motorola cell phone you have been able to get the past few years. Here at Blog Raters we have a few Razr’s and 2 Kazr’s and a few non Motorolas. For those of us who are Motorola people (I have a Razr) we were all able to find useful information regarding our phones.

One of the big strengths of this site is for those who are looking for a new cell phone. The blog has reviews and news for all of the phones and stays very up to date. If you have or are looking for a Motorola phone this blog should be on your short list of places read up on their phones. What are the cons of this site? If you don’t want a Motorola then it won’t help you much if you do it could help you a ton.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters

, , , is run by an experienced finance professional Mebane Faber. He does a lot of research for timing systems and endowment type portfolios. He wrote an excellent paper on a five asset class timing model called A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation It is essentially a long term trend following system that is able to match equity returns with less than 1/4 the risk. Good paper and smart guy.

He has also done a lot of research into Guru Portfolios. Basically this is where you look at extremely successful investors such as Seth Klarman, Warren B, Steve Cohen, and the other hedge fund greats and then look at their holdings. He follows several of these on StockPickr but has articles on his blog about them as well Guru Stocks

I have been following Mebane’s blog ever since he released his paper and can say without reservation that it is worth reading. He also does a good job selecting and mentioning books he is reading and you would be well advised to read them as well. World Beta is definitely a must read.

Happy Blogging,
Blog Raters

, , , is one of the funniest financial blogs I read. They basically make fun of anything and put a financial spin on things. This is how they describe themselves.

“At Long or Short LLC, we leverage our superior intellect and extensive investing experience to recommend explicit Long or Short positions and related abstract trades, which may or may not be possible with real world financial derivatives. We use science to improve the lives of the rich.”

Here are a few of their many excellent posts.

Pretty much everything on the site is like this. Funny and yet true. Here is a recent post on a press release.
Press Release
Read it and tell me its not totally accurate. These guys (based on some of the posts I assume they are guys) are active in the financial world and in their spare time have basically built the financial equivalent of except funnier.

Happy Blogging,

Blog Raters

, , ,


Well if you trade and read blogs you have probably come across Brett Steenbarger’s site TraderFeed. If you have not then you should make it a daily visit. I have been a reader of Brett’s for a long time. He is a Trader/Sports Psychologist that works to help Traders overcome the many psychological hurdles that we all have. He has written “The Psychology of Trading (Wiley, 2003) and Enhancing Trader Performance. I have The Psychology Of Trading and can attest that it is an excellent book.

One of the best things about the TraderFeed blog is that Brett is very giving in his knowledge and research. He actively trades himself so he is not just espousing theories. He actually works with a few trading floors so for the most part he is not helping unprofitable traders become profitable but instead is helping already fairly successful traders overcome their boundaries.

I mentioned that he does a lot of trading research as well and has done a tremendous amount of work with money flows and the Tick. If you go to his blog almost every week he has a post concerning both of those topics A TICK post and Sentiment Money Flow. His research for the most part is quite original and useful.

He also has a good take on what he is doing. He has noted that his 50K+ visitors a month could bring him some decent money but makes no effort to monetize his site. He comes from an academic background and he really just wants to share what he has learned. He has posted about it and it has proven to be true over the past couple of years. Give this site a look and add it to your feeds. I read it every day and can’t recommend it enough.

Happy Blogging and Trading,

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