As the name implies we at Blog Raters review and rate blogs. If you would like to have your blog reviewed just send us an e-mail at . In exchange we ask that you link to us. You can write an article reviewing this site or write one talking about how you were recently reviewed on my site. If you have another idea go ahead and do that instead. But if you request a review we require a link back.

If you don’t see a category listed do not worry. We will review almost anything other then sex sites and the like. So if you have a blog on planting trees we will review it. Just shoot us an e-mail and within a few days we will have a review up.

The other part of BlogRaters is that we rate blogs by category.  For instance if you see a top 10 or top 25 list then that means that we have determined those to be the most useful and informative blogs in that category.  So you can have a good blog to get reviewed but you will need an excellent blog to make a list.  If there is a category that you would liek to see our top 10 or 25 list feel free to contact us on that as well at

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The Team at Blog Raters