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ValleyWag.Com is a blog that is all things Silicon Valley. If you like tech gossip/news then ValleyWag should be one of your regular stops.

Being one of the bigger blogs in an area help out in that you get a lot of information from “insiders” whom you have never even talked to. Reading through the recent posts you can tell that ValleyWag hit critical mass long ago. Here is an awesome post showing where Larry Page one of the founders of Google lives using Google Maps using the Streetview feature. I wonder what he gives the kids on Halloween. Here is another funny post about The Next Internet Millionaire some of these are hilarious and kinda scary at the same time. And then here is another post that has exactly what you would expect from deep in the heart of the valley Someone actually using the Apple I-Phone before the actual launch.

Basically if it has to do with technology, venture capitalism, or anything else in Silicon Valley ValleyWag.Com is the place to see it first.

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