With a PageRank 7 all of you bloggers out there can tell that InstaPundit is a big blog. Glenn Reynolds started this blog the way a lot of people do, just to express his views. It appears as though the views of the UT (University if Tennessee) law professor are very popular. He is very big into technology and individual liberties.

His views definitely lean conservative but he is very active in commenting on politics, religion, war, etc. Many of his posts highlight the good things happening in Iraq helping to balance out the mainstream liberal medias views and opinions. In fact today he has a post showing a Muslim in Iraq restoring the cross to a Christian church that has been there for several years. The Iraqis are quoted as appreciating the help that America has given them. Regardless of your views on the war it is nice to know that some good has come of this whole thing.

Anyways for up to the minute commentary on world events, law, and politics you would be well advised to visit Glenn and his blog.

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