You would never guess that this blog is written by Marc Andreessen. Yes, that Marc Andreessen the one who wrote Mosaic the first internet browser and then went on to form Netscape and since has been involved in several successful internet ventures. Aside from being an investor in several other technology companies (such as Twitter) he is currently very involved in a social networking site where you get to build your own social network.

So enough about Marc. What does this blog have to offer? It turns out it offers a lot. Marc is not just an internet pioneer but a smart businessman. He is no tech geek without communication skills. Some of his posts are funny and others are full of good advice. Being a personal blog his writing mandate is whatever he wants it to be and he comes through. But as opposed to many other personal blogs Marc is very smart and is good at getting his points across. If you are interested in the cutting edge of the internet or just want a good laugh go to this site regularly.

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