As the name implies Former is written by a former “Spook” or spy. If you like an insiders look at all things intelligence than this is a site for you. While never revealing anything classified he does give us informative briefs regarding the GWOT (Global War On Terror) and other political themes. And while this reviewer is partial I don’t think that the writer of tries to take sides, instead he focuses on the facts on hand.

If you follow the situation in North Korea you might like to read this article on the Pyongyang shutdown. If you have been following the recent controversy regarding potentially changing the process and requirements to gain a security clearance you might like to read this article on it. He discusses the pros, cons, and everything else on this and many other topics.

If you are a political buff you will like this site even if just to give you a different and informed perspective. Go to and learn how someone who knows whats up look at things.

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