Crayon is a website dedicated to writing. The owner of this blog Theda K Rogers is a professional copywriter who writes in her business and on her blog. Most of her posts relate to actual writing and to having a home based business and more specifically a home based writing business.

She has definitely spent a lot of time thinking and planning out what her business is all about and has stayed focused on her website. As opposed to many other blogs that wander everywhere actually stays on topic and writes about writing. (This is a sidenote/rant regarding this. We get a lot of requests to do reviews and lately I have gotten a few followup requests asking why we haven’t reviewed a particular site yet. While we have undoubtedly mistakenly overlooked a review most of the time it is for one of two reasons. 1-the writer barely has any posts yet so it is hard to do a review of any substance. And 2-if they have a lot of posts they jump all over the place and you have no idea why you would want to make it a regular stop.) Luckily Theda K at CrayonWriter has avoided these two downfalls of many bloggers. She has a lot of good and useful writing info and several useful posts on starting a home based business and being a work from home parent.

If you want to learn about copy-writing or how to cope with working at home with the kids (which is like 90% of bloggers) then make the Crayon Writer a regular visit.

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