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If you have been following the trading game for a while or have read “The Market Wizards” by Jack Schwager you have probably heard of “The Turtles.” Basically Richard Dennis bet his business partner William Eckhardt that you could teach people how to trade a system and they could do pretty much as well as they did. William Eckhardt didn’t think that “anyone” could be a trader. He felt that you needed some special skills to be successful. So they did an experiment by running an ad in the Wall Street Journal and interviewed a few hundred people for positions as traders for their trading firm.

Well Richard Dennis ended up winning the bet. While several of the candidates ended up blowing up (losing all their money) a few did extremely well more then making up for the losses of others. Well these people became known as the turtles. The turtles signed a lot of non-disclosures and so they did not talk to the press except in extremely general ways for years. But the past few years that has changed. Curtis Faith (the most profitable of the turtles) came back to the public eye. He built Trading Blox Software a back-testing system building software, wrote a book, and most recently a blog.

His blog is filled with great trading related entries such as this one on Fundies vs. Technicals, this post on The Four Levels of Competence, and here is one on Thinking. Basically you get to read posts related to trading by a man who has been successful trading hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. In addition to the blog he has his book and while I am not trying to sound like a commercial the book is excellent and worthy of your time if you are into trading. Here is another blog to add to your RSS reader so you don’t miss any posts.

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