The Legal

The Legal

The Legal was started in February of this year by four law students whose common connection apart from Law is that they have all lived in Tennessee at some point in time. They write their posts from a few different perspectives. First off they don’t take themselves too seriously. Yes, that means sometimes they make lawyer jokes like this Legal Humor. Since they are all in law school right now they also post tips for students like this Finals Prep. But the bulk of the site is comments on different law related news topics. Such as this recent one on Michael Vick the quarterback.

For the most part their posts are clearly written and do a good job of explaining themselves. Once again Law School tends to make people a better writer. They have also managed to keep the site free of clutter and it is easy to navigate. Overall if you want to keep abreast of legal happenings then it is worth your time to be an active reader or RSS subscriber to this site.

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