Frugal Law as the name implies is about a guy (his name is Brett Mckay) who is going to law school and trying in his own words to “mitigate my crippling law school debt.” That is a valiant if not an almost impossible goal.

While there are many blogs talking about how to save a buck here and there most of them don’t articulate themselves well. Brett is not only a personal finance writer but he is a law student. If any of you know anything about law school it is that they read and write and then write some more. I think that writing legal briefs all day long has helped Brett become a good writer. Read some of these posts Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro, 180 Money Saving Tips, and Improve Your Law School Exam Grades and pay attention to the detail of the posts.

This site is useful to anyone trying to save money and is very useful to anyone going to law school. Brett sounds like a smart and resourceful guy. It will pay to read his blog.

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