This opportunity comes special from
Basically if you can guess how much he will make this month within $1.00 he will give it to you. I doubt I get it but on the chance I am right it would me a nice pay day for a post that took 3 minutes to type.

My guesses are
Make Money Online $536
Make Money Online $576
Make Money Online $632

* Create a post on your blog, copy these rules and paste them into the post.
* Make a guess! Link to my homepage with the text ‘make money online $1.00′, replacing the $1.00 with the amount of your guess. Example: make money online $100.56.
* Leave this link to the rules page intact.
* Use my contact page to confirm your entry by letting me know (make sure to include the URL of your post)! I will find most of them, but let me know to make sure!

Special Rule Through 5/18/2007

* If you make your guess before midnight, MDT on 5/18/2007, I will allow you to make 3 guesses. If you want to make 3 guesses, you’ll have to make 3 links. You still only need to make 1 post.

What Do You Have To Lose?

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