Naked is a site dedicated to Wall Street and more specifically hedge funds, private equity funds, and other controversial subjects related to the street. Greg Newton is the writer and he has a sense of humor. Most of his posts are relatively taboo (except for nothing is taboo on Wall Street). Here is an example of a recent post regarding Red Sox owner and CTA fund manager John Henry. If you are a Sox fan and were wondering why they couldn’t bid as high as desired for The Rocket this might be the reason. Most of his funds are down 30% or more. WIll he rebound? Probably but that is yet to be seen.

He also follows other controversies such as this one Refco figure at Man Financial. In case you were wondering Refco is a futures brokerage that blew up a while back and lost a lot of customer money in the process.

If these types of posts of Wall Street gossip/news interest you then you will love Naked He posts quite regularly so if you want to stay up to date stop in every day or two. Or as I do just put it in your RSS reader.

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