JakelDaily.com is not just your run of the mill make money online blogs. It is actually one of the better ones out there. This last update it was good enough to get a pagerank of 5. So while it is no Google.com it is pretty big. While size obviously doesn’t always equate to good in this case it does. Jake has several good useful posts each month. One of the more insightful that I read recently was on the Long Tail Concept. Insightful posts like this help sites stay big. If you have noticed a lot of blogs out there basically just spit out the same crap as most of the other ones. But luckily with the internet we can pick where we go and read. If you are a blogging as a business person trying to Make Money then you will probably find it to be a good and useful blog.

Just like John Chow JakelDaily.com has a link exchange to help you build your site. It is located here at this link Review My Blog.

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