It is no surprise that I am reviewing LinkRambler because the whole point of the blog is to keep us up to date on linkbaiting. While rather new it seems like Ray Johnson (the owner/writer of the blog) is doing a fine job at providing a lot of posts that can help other blogs and sites get backlinks like this one Reach Digg Front Page. In addition there are several posts that highlight different contests like Win Some Cash that other blogs are running.

So what makes this site special? Hopefully alot. You see if you want to build up your site and get more traffic and more backlinks this looks like a site you will want to visit everyday or at least add it to your RSS feader so that you can keep up to date. Most every blogger is looking for ways to get noticed by other bloggers, surfers, search engines, etc. Basically we all want more traffic coming our way. Well if you fall into any of those categories make this an addition to your daily site visits.

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P.S. As blog manners go if you like his site and find it worthwhile (and you will) link back to him. There are a lot of good useful blogs that people read but kinda keep a secret for some unknown reason. Share the love.

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