If you are a blogger in trying to make money you have no doubt run across His site is geared towards helping you (and him) make money online. John already runs some successful internet businesses such as and has gotten into blogging the past 6-8 months.

As you browse the site you will notice a few things both good and bad.
Pros-He has a lot of good content and wants to help out his fellow bloggers. As an example here is a free backlink opportunity with a site that gets a lot of traffic and all you have to do is review his blog.
-He is heavy into anything that you can put on your site to make money online. He talks a lot about each one and why he chooses to use or not use a certain provider.

Some Cons-
-He promotes himself a lot.
-The blog has more and more guest bloggers.
-Several posts are just paid reviews for other blogs.

That being said the pros outweigh the cons by quite a bit. Although he might be overusing the guestblogging most of the articles are still very relevant and useful. And even a lot of the paid reviews are useful and highlight a good blog (obviously some don’t). So overall if you are a blogger looking for info to help you build a better and more profitable blog then should be a regular visit for you.

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