We came across Pianologist about a week ago but were not able to give it a fair review for a while due to our lack of piano playing skills and knowledge. A few of us have played the violin for years so we have a clue about music but other then playing the melody with the right hand we are not exactly piano playing experts . Well after a short brain storm and a phone call I was able to get a very accomplished pianist to go over the site and give me her feedback.

Her feedback was very positive. KCLau and CEFam have a very useful blog. They have links for the beginner Easy Steps to Play a Chord all the way to several links on writing your own music Full Arrangement in 60-Minutes

This site has something for everyone interested in playing the piano. They cover playing the piano, making your own music, piano news, and lots more. Their posts are informative and their links are useful as well. If you play the piano and haven’t looked at this blog you owe it to yourself to pay it a visit.

Happy Blogging and Piano Playing,
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