If you want to know something about a Motorola cell phone then this is the site for you. Looking over the categories on this site it is safe to say they cover almost every single Motorola cell phone you have been able to get the past few years. Here at Blog Raters we have a few Razr’s and 2 Kazr’s and a few non Motorolas. For those of us who are Motorola people (I have a Razr) we were all able to find useful information regarding our phones.

One of the big strengths of this site is for those who are looking for a new cell phone. The blog has reviews and news for all of the phones and stays very up to date. If you have or are looking for a Motorola phone this blog should be on your short list of places read up on their phones. What are the cons of this site? If you don’t want a Motorola then it won’t help you much if you do it could help you a ton.

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