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WorldBeta.com WorldBeta.com is run by an experienced finance professional Mebane Faber. He does a lot of research for timing systems and endowment type portfolios. He wrote an excellent paper on a five asset class timing model called A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation It is essentially a long term trend following system that is…

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LongorShortCapital.com LongorShortCapital.com is one of the funniest financial blogs I read. They basically make fun of anything and put a financial spin on things. This is how they describe themselves. “At Long or Short LLC, we leverage our superior intellect and extensive investing experience to recommend explicit Long or Short positions and related abstract trades,…

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TraderFeed Well if you trade and read blogs you have probably come across Brett Steenbarger’s site TraderFeed. If you have not then you should make it a daily visit. I have been a reader of Brett’s for a long time. He is a Trader/Sports Psychologist that works to help Traders overcome the many psychological hurdles…

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AbnormalReturns.com Abnormal Returns is one of my daily investment related blogs. Everyday they post a list of links with some added commentary. Some might just call this a linkfest but most of the time they add useful info to each link and they use a wide variety of information. They describe their title with this-…

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Welcome to Blog Raters. As the name implies we review and rate blogs. We welcome you to submit your blog and we will review and rate it. There are very few blogs we are not willing to review. The only thing we ask is if you liek the review to please link back to us….