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The Big Picture

The Big Picture

If you are into trading, finance, or really anything to do with the financial markets you should be reading Barry Ritholtz regularly. If you like Jazz you should stop by at least weekly. You might be wondering why would I go to a market blog to read about music? Well Barry does an excellent job of blending together his primary interests. If you got to his site you will see that in the header he has six different categories. They are Markets, Economy, Federal Reserve, Housing, Energy, and Digital Media. He uses the digital media category quite liberally covering everything from the Ipod and what it has done for APPL to Friday Night Jazz.

That being said the vast majority of his content is related to the markets. He posts at least once a day but usually 2-3 times. He hails from the trading world and then became a market strategist. These days he runs his own research firm Ritholtz Research and Analytics. The research is good, clean, and easy to read. That talent comes through on his blog. In addition to the blog and the research firm Barry also writes for

Here are some samples of his work.
One from today explaining where the SP500 returns have come from SP500
Here is one on The Baltic Dry Index. Have you ever heard of it? Well it is actually useful so read this post and learn about it.
And the the whopper. Here is one of many excellent articles on the housing market and its effects on other industries and sectors Housing Slowdown and its Effects. If you want to know more about housing and the economy Barry is the man. He has a ton of posts related to this and they are well written so that the layman can read it and the professional can profit from it.

As you can tell I like this blog. I have been reading it for a few years now and throughout the trading day I go back to it 1-3 times. Yes, I get it in my RSS reader but guess what? I like reading the whole thing right away with all the charts. Whereas many of my feeds I read the headline and move on I think I read 90% of his posts all the way through. So go and make The Big Picture part of your daily readings. You will become smarter after day 2.

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Paul has been on my multiple times a day blog visiting list for a few years now. Paul comes from a Venture Capital background. Among other things he was an internet analyst in the early days of this great thing we call the internet. Basically he knows his %#$!.

But seriously the reason I go to his blog at least a few times a day is because he is just plain smart. In addition he has developed enough contacts that he also gets very timely business news. He writes a weekly column for called Weekend Reading. I read it every week. He also regularly has funny articles poking fun at his fellow venture capitalists Top 10 Limited Partner Lies.

If you are into business, investing, technology, or investments you should be reading this blog. I do it every day.

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Wages Of Win Journal

Wages of Win Journal

Wages of win is a blog that talks about the economics of sports. It is sort of like Moneyball meets Freakonomics. In fact they say in their book that their approach is similar to Freakonomics. Basically taking economic tools and applying them to unusual economic questions.

This post Thoughts on the NBA is a perfect example of what Wages Of Win covers. If after reading that post you think it is more related to a bookie then to a economist then you are right on. Most successful economists could be successful bookies. Why? you might ask. Well it is because of the way they approach their field. They look at what actually drives a team to win or the stock market to go up. A lot of the things we think are important are virtually useless while a lot of the seemingly useless info is very useful. Wages of Wins tackles these questions looking for what really works in sports.

Not only do they cover how to find the best ranking for a player, team, etc. But they also provide other types of analysis such as NCAA Final Four Thoughts Where they discuss inequalities in the NCAA (yeah I know there are a lot). Some might say why does this matter? But it is a question an economist would ask and then tackle.

If you want to learn a lot more about sports. Or just want to know facts that none of your friends do then Wages of Win is for you. I go to it pretty much everyday and it has taught me a lot about the numbers behind the sports.

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If you end up liking this book (and I don’t see how you couldn’t) then you will also like Moneyball by Michael Lewis and if you really want to learn to test data then Evidenced Based Technical Analysis by David Aronson.